What are the benefits of using a Professional Pet Sitter?

There are many benefits of using a professional pet sitter and once you have used one you will become a fan!  Each day when you are away, the sitter will visit your home to feed, care for and play with your pet.   This person will have the responsibility for both your pet and your home so you should give careful consideration to your choice of a pet sitter.  

When you hire a Loving Care Pet Sitter you are getting all that plus a sitter who is bonded and insured & has had a background check!   References are provided as well.  


Advantages for your Pet!

Your pet remains in his or her own home where everything is familiar and in a safe and secure environment.  Your pet follows his/her regular routine of diet, exercise and medical treatments.  Your pet is not exposed to illnesses or parasites from other animals in a kennel environment.  No need to traumatize your pet by leaving them alone in an unfamiliar environment.  Your pet receives love and personal attention from your pet sitter while you are away! 


Advantages for You!

You don't have the inconvenience of transporting your pet at the last minute to a kennel.   You don't have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbor.   Also you don't have to rely on the neighbor kid who might not be so reliable.   Your home is also protected by having someone come by daily to check up on things.  You are secure in the knowledge that while you are away your pet is in capable and loving hands.  



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